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  • SouzaFit is owned and operated by Christina and Felipe, a husband and wife.

    They started the business in 2015 from their home. Felipe is a former bodybuilder who began making easy and healthy meals for himself while training and working in the food industry. His gym buddies caught on to his diet and requested that he started to make their meals. The first week, he had seven clients and as word spread, the business grew to many more!

     Felipe knew that he uncovered something amazing. Over the course of the next few months, the couple continued to meal prep for friends & loved ones. Felipe did the cooking and Christina did the packaging. At the same time, they started putting money aside for their first storefront.

     The business idea that started in a small kitchen has now grown to three locations - Mt Vernon, Hoboken, and Newark. The meal prep and delivery service continued to thrive through the pandemic and when a space opened on Washington Street, the owners knew they had to make the move.

     SouzaFit’s philosophy is a simple one, but one that more and more people would agree with. Healthy food does not have to be boring. The menu is chock full of flavors that honor Felipe's Brazilian heritage while also incorporating flavors that Americans know and love. The most important meal of the day is an all-day treat — you can choose from one of the many omelets or pancakes and waffle choices for a full meal

     Come and visit us!